Secrets of the Solent

Cuttlefish waiting


I’ve never been much of a seafarer. I love a good boat trip, especially if there is a chance of seeing a pod of dolphins or watching shearwaters graze the water with the tips of their wings. However, my knowledge of the marine environment generally stops at the end of Langstone harbour and a mild panic ensues if I can’t see land.

Recently my eyes have been opened to the wonderful array of life that is within British waters and not only nationally but within that murky brown pool that sits off our shore. It turns out that the Solent is an incredibly diverse and interesting place, with swathes of seagrass meadows complete with herds of cuttlefish, (i’m aware herds is not the correct term). The common concept of murk that I have just mentioned is totally wrong. There are even sharks! Big ones!

My knowledge is poor of the underwater world and I think this is true of many people, even those keen naturalists as it is not an accessible place. It is therefore easy to let it decline without realizing and declining it is, rapidly and alarmingly so.

The Trust have therefore embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness and help protect our sea. If you can get on board and donate, you will be taking a step to protect our marine environment, often overlooked yet vital to our lives.

 All the info you need is below

Velvet swimming crab & snakelocks, Dev 1

A velvet swimming crab


It is the final few days of our crowdfunder appeal raising money for our Secrets of the Solent project. This project is all about protecting the fabulous marine wildlife and habitats of the Solent, including seagrass meadows, chalk reefs and rocky sponge gardens, which are home to seahorses and sea bass, seals, colourful anemones, sea squirts and cuttlefish.


Every £1 we raise gives us the chance to unlock an extra £9.85 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which will allow us to work with local people and partners to keep the Solent special.


The crowdfunder page closes at 11.59pm on the 12th October, find out more using the link below and please support the sea life of the Solent if you can.





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