Sightings for the Week Ending 23/07/17


marbled white (mike smith)

Things are starting to pick up again at Farlington. Lots of waders around with large numbers starting to build of black-tailed godwits, redshank and oyster catchers. There are several common sandpipers on the stream and a little ringed plover has been seen. The avocet are loafing around on the lake with the two recently fledged birds which are slightly brown on the top.

There are plenty of young birds around. I saw young chiffchaffs and  marsh tit at Swanwick Lakes the other day as well as the hoards of blue tits and great tits.


silver washed fritillary (mike smith)

There was a grey seal spotted in the harbour the other day as well. Unusual in the  area as common seals tend to dominate. This was seen at the end of the muddy spit south of the reserve.


White admiral (Mike Smith)

Purple emperors are flying at Swanwick Lakes and are a great spot if you’re lucky enough. Silver washed fritillary and white admiral seem to be abundant this year and can be seen at Hookeath meadows as well. Gatekeepers and marbled whites are also on the wing in excellent numbers. Whilst working at Farlington there were a great deal of common blues in the bushes area of the site as well as small heaths.

Dragons are patrolling many of the sites, with emperors, common hawkers, broad bodied chasers and black tailed skimmers being some of the most common as well as numerous damselflies such as common blues, blue tailed and red eyed.

All in all a good week with all the joys of the summer invertebrates but with a rapidly building bird population as some of the migrants start to return.


Broad Bodied Chaser


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