Sighting for week ending 22/01/2017

A very chilly week! Lots of ice around and most of the stream and lake at Farlington and all the lakes at Swanwick remained frozen, especially at the latter end of the week.

Farlington was busy as usual. There was the usual Avocet, Short Eared Owls and Pintail around and the Spotted Redshank has been posing nicely by the building. Raven and Peregrine have been cruising over very frequently and I had a report of a Marsh Harrier earlier today.

I saw three Common seals off the point today, lolling around on a sand bar and somebody reported two Eider off the east side on Thursday. The bearded tits seemed to have split with some down by the sluice and the others up by the building. They seem quite active at the moment and like it by the bush next to the feeder. The lower ones often bob over the top of the reed, flitting between the reed either side of the sluice.

There seemed to be more brents today on the marsh. I estimated around 800-1000 which is higher than I’ve seen recently, which is good. The numbers of Wigeon are still high, feeding mainly around the deeps and there seems to be an awful lot of Canada Geese this year.

I checked the cows at Biddenfield today, hoping to see some flocks of finches due to the cold weather. There wasn’t much around but a Red Kite did soar over with a Buzzard close on its heels. First one I’ve seen in that area. The Ravens bomb through there regularly.



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