Logs for sale

dsc_0008We have a lot of spare wood down at Swanwick Lakes nature reserve, so if you are in need of some firewood to get you through the upcoming cold winter months, please get in touch.

It is mostly a mix of birch and oak and has been produced from conservation tasks at Swanwick Lakes. It’s been seasoned for around a year in cord lengths and we cut and split it to order. It will be particularly good if you want to stock up ready for next year but burns just fine for this winter. The mix of fast and hot burning birch with the slow release oak is really good. There’s even some ash in there, which is the best of the best firewood.

Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to deliver so it is pick up by appointment at the Swanwick Lakes education centre.

It’s for sale at a very reasonable price of £50 / m3 split – and we can do deals for unsplit.

If you would like some or know somebody who does, please email or phone me on:

christopher.lycett@hiwwt.org.uk or 07917616697



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