Sightings for week ending 08/01/2016


Pintail Courtesy Alan Dunk

Managed a wander around a few of the sites this week in between work parties and odd jobs. Farlington had all the usual that you would expect. Notably Pintail and Avocet are in large numbers on the lake at the moment. I got an awesome view of one of the Spotted Redshank up by the building. Unfortunately my camera was in the truck rather than around my neck, as is the way.

There are at least two Short Eared Owls still hanging around. One seems to like to roost in a gorse bush on the east side of the point field, which can be seen easily from the gate on that side.


SEO courtesy Alan Dunk

On a side note there were signs up saying ‘no entry to the point field’. We did not place these and access to the field is still open and always will be. Please stick to the footpath and be conscientious of the birds and other people.

There have been a number of Reed Buntings spotted around the reed bed. The Bearded Tits, as usual, are remaining elusive.

The usual array of woodland birds can be seen at Swanwick Lakes. Marsh Tit, Bullfinch, Coal Tit and Siskin are good ones to watch out for. On the lakes there are plently of Gadwall and a Kingfisher is around.





2 thoughts on “Sightings for week ending 08/01/2016

  1. Hi, wondered if u could help if you get this, I nearly ran over a bird today with my golf trolley at great salterns, it was about the size of a starling sat very low and with its head very low, only flew off when I stood right over it, medium brown with gold long stripes along its body, the closest resemblance I can get in my bird book is a wood snipe. It was sat in a layer of damp leaves not that far from avery small pond, any ideas? And just to give you some feed back, I always look forward to your recent sitings at Farlington
    Regards keith

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    • Hi Keith, Thanks, gald you’re enjoying the posts. It sounds like a Jack Snipe to me. They are like regular Snipe but are notorious for flushing right at the last minute

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