A Frosty Start

A cold start to 2017 saw a great deal of frost this morning. My walk to work was lovely, through a dusting of white across the fields, with a slight crunch under foot. We even had to pry the frozen doors of the truck open, defrost inside and out and then poor boiling water on the padlock to the fuel cabinet and the bollards which were all frozen solid!

We worked down at Farlington today where the vast majority of the stream was frozen over for the entire day, despite the brilliant sunshine. There was plenty of photographers out, still keen for a shot of the Shorties and we were obliged by one, sat in a Gorse bush in the point field (an owl not a photographer).


The result of a couple of stormy days combined with high tides.

We were carrying on in the Bushes, breaking up the vast scrub patches whilst a small splinter group and myself went to the southern most tip of the site and removed the seaweed that had been brought onto the sea wall in storm Angus and then added to with Barbara. Thankfully neither of these storms really amounted to much and we got away lightly, with the sea wall still intact and trees,mostly, still upright. There was however a lot of seaweed.

It didn’t smell too bad either which was a surprise but I guess the cool temperatures have delayed it from rotting, thankfully. After clearing it off the wall, which was a much more laborious task than I had envisioned, we wandered around the entirety of the wall and were treated to lots of Brent Geese and Wigeon on the Deeps and large flocks of Dunlin and Redshank following the upcoming tide.


Merrily removing seaweed

I believe that the brisk weather is set to stay for a little while so hopefully we will see some more birds around such as Redwing and Fieldfare which have been in short supply this year. Whilst checking the cows at Biddenfield there was a large flock of finches which I couldn’t quite get close enough to get a positive ID on but I have a sneaky suspicion they were Brambling. Unfortunately they made a quick exit when a Peregrine flew over.


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