Sightings for week ending 18/12/2016

It’s been a busy week this week but I managed a walk around Farlington today. There were plenty of birds roosting at high tide. The Spotted Redshank were up the stream along with plenty of Pintail, Lapwing and Teal. The Stream had 63 Avocet as well as a couple of hundred Black Tailed Godwits, Redshank, Dunlin and Grey Plover. There was also two Golden Plover and I heard rumour of a Ruff but did not see one. The Short Eared Owls were in the point field and the main marsh and I saw one Common Seal far out in the harbour with some large rafts of Shelduck, Mergansers and Brent Geese.

Earlier in the week I was helping with some survey work on Hayling where we saw several thousand Brents. My colleague also saw two short eared owls on the northeast side of the island.

On the way out of Farlington today I was hailed by a local birder and surveyor who pointed out a Scaup just off the west side of Farlington. Cheers Dave, nice spot.

It’s good to see a large number of Avocet on the marsh. They spend the low tide west of the site in the channel feeding and on these high tides, with no islands off the coast, they come into the lake in large numbers. The number of Brents hasn’t reached peak numbers on the marsh yet. they should number a couple of thousand but I haven’t seen many over a thousand as of yet.




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