Beautiful Biddenfield

wp_20161202_11_42_52_proDuring the winter we need to remove the cattle off many of our sites, as to persist there they would need to grow flippers or at least very large feet so they don’t sink. Hookheath is a flood meadow, Farlington is a marsh and Swanwick lies on dense, sticky clay. So all in all, not the best place for heavy footed bovines to hang around all winter. We are therefore very lucky in that we have Biddenfield, just down the road from our offices to overwinter some of the stock. Our Swanwick guys were taken down there at the end of September and have been getting along very well. They sprung over to see me this morning.


Biddenfield is a spectacular site where the landowner has really gone to town in providing for wildlife. Not only is there beautiful woodland surrounding the site but there is some well managed pasture and the largest area of wild bird seed that I have ever seen. Hopefully given a cold winter, this will provide some much need support for our farmland bird species. I saw large numbers of Reed Bunting, Goldfinch and Green finches down there today.wp_20161202_11_43_26_pro


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