Small Things

We have continued working at Hookheath recently, pushing all of our resources into it so as to get the work done before we sink. It’s nice to take a break from chainsawing for a moment and have a wander around and see what you can find. I came across a couple of very small fungi which made for a few nice pics.



Yellow Antler Fungi – a type of coral fungus

Yesterday we were surprised by something else very small. A newborn calf was unexpectedly born at Southmoor. We went down to check it, all seemed fine, a little wobbly on its legs but fit and healthy.  Very cute!



4 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Great pics of the fungi! Interesting stuff. Love the calf haha, that happened to us a while back on Greywell, a lil head popped out of a bunch of stingers! Mum kind of gave it away by staring straight at said nettle patch for lengthy periods of time haha. Not very subtle..

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