More Mushies at Hookheath

All the glory of autumn can be found at Hookheath. The woodland either side provides a pallet of different hues of gold, red and orange, especially from the odd beech tree and the gloriously yellow field maples. Throw a bit of coppice management and a jolly fire into the mix and you have the perfect autumnal day. A few of our vols got artistic and made our protective fences around the coppiced hazel stools, whilst other cleared the area of brash, creating light and space within the woodland that will benefit species going forward to the summer.


When we arrived…..


At the end of the day. Nice and clear now, we shall let the coppiced stools regrow, providing an important mid storey


Our lovely tree guards, woven out of the hazel that has been cut. Recycling at its best. The stakes from any straight bits will be used later for hedge laying.


Supervisor for the day.

Of course the stars of the day were the array of fungi that adorned many of the trees and old stumps. The cool, damp weather in autumn provides the perfect conditions for fungi to produce spores, which need water to fertilize each other. Though fruiting bodies can be found at all times of the year, autumn is by far the best and woodlands at the moment can are  providing some real treasure for the avid mycologist. wp_20161027_13_50_05_pro1dsc_0127dsc_0133




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