Solent team off on a jolly

img_0960We have had a busy time of late. We have joined up with the Isle of Wight team to do some collaborative working, to really hit some areas hard. This has meant that we have been over to the IOW a number of times to work on Sandown Meadows, a wetland area that was in need of some Willow clearance. As a big team we were able to run several saws and knock out some big trees that were choking up a nice ditch system that has a lot of potential for Water Vole. It was also a chance to see some of our other teams sites and have a change of scenery.


The ferry rides over were interesting. Most were flat calm but on one trip there was a mass movement of Swallows. Several hundred were whipping past the ferry with a few other species mixed in such as Yellow and Grew Wagtails.


The ditch work was quite taxing. There was a lot of Willow growing along the banks that despite our best efforts tended to fall into the water, to then be manhandled out. Sandown Meadows was a lovely site to work at. We had sightings of Raven, Marsh Harrier and several Whinchats whilst we were there.


We were joined by some of the cattle that they use to manage the site, including this fine chap.


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