Wader Ringing

We spent a late night the other evening down at Farlington Marshes trying to catch some waders. The hope was for Common Sandpipers and Greenshank which have a colour ringing scheme here (as seen in previous blog posts). Unfortunately the night didn’t turn out to be very fruitful but it wasn’t a complete loss. wp_20160916_19_39_07_pro

Placing the nets over the scrape was a little tricky but the aim was to catch the birds coming in to roost when the tide came in.Spread across the whole scrape gave us the best opportunity of catching any incoming birds.


We managed to catch several Dunlin throughout the evening. There was considerable variation in the size of their bills and overall body size.


We also managed to bag one Black Tailed Godwit


Studying a Dunlin in great detail. Unfortunately not a Curlew Sandpiper.


All together a very poor show that evening, though conditions were against us. Overall numbers aren’t actually too bad on the marsh at the moment. There have been several good sightings. The Wryneck was reported last week, still lurking in the bushes. As was a Barn OwlPeregrines and an Osprey have been seen regularly over the harbour. Today the water on the lake was quite high after the rain, therefore most of the birds have been roosting half way up the stream, providing excellent viewings of the Curlew Sandpipers which are still around and up to 20 Greenshank. Whilst ringing there was a Spotted Redshank temptingly close to the nets.




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