Bringing in the big guns


We’ve had some big machinery in Swanwick Lakes nature reserve over the last couple of days. Both the Flat Meadow and the North East Meadow needed a cut. Despite having cows munching away for a lot of summer, they just haven’t been able to cope with the amount of grass, especially with these perfect growing conditions that we’ve had. The volunteers have worked hard cutting many areas but the site is just too big.


So we had to bring in the big guns. A local contractor popped over and used a forage harvester to take off the top of the sward. There was quite a thick thatch developing which stops many plant species from growing and allows the denser, tougher grasses to dominate.






The finished product. It looks a little like a football pitch at the moment but we should get a little bit of an autumnal flush of growth and we’ll put the cows on again before they leave. By late spring next year it should be full of flowers.


One thought on “Bringing in the big guns

  1. Just thought you might like to know that I spotted a barn owl as the sun disappeared last night. It was by the main lake hunting over the fields. 👍

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