Super Charm



Busy day down Farlington doing odd jobs that we have meant to get done for a while. Somebody, who shall remain nameless, (me 😦 ) drove the tractor into a gate and snapped the post. So the first job of the day was to fix that.  Nothing like a warm day to dig a deep hole!


The guys got stuck in though and in no time we had got a new post in place, ready to hang the gate next week. We also uncovered the grit tray in the reed bed by the hut. This took some finding and thrashing around in the reeds but it is now ready for the winter. Bearded Tits switch to a diet of seeds in the winter, when all the invertebrates have died off in the cold weather. You will often see them on the reed top taking the seeds. They need grit to digest this, helping them grind up the seeds in their stomachs. They especially go mad for Oyster shell.



After lunch we headed out onto the marsh to collect an old gate that served no function anymore. Whilst we were working there a huge charm of Goldfinches, a super charm if you will. There was lots of juvenile birds with them, so they have obviously had a good season. There was also a good number of Yellow Wagtails  with the cattle. Whilst on site I saw a Curlew Sandpiper on the stream by the building and we were told that 7 Avocets were on the lake and there was a Wryneck in the bushes.




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