Turning Point

WP_20160809_11_56_07_ProDSC_0745DSC_0829It’s getting to that time of the year. Birds are starting to finish breeding, feeding up, moult and think about migrating. This is pretty evident at Farlington at the moment where we’ve got a mix of young birds, barley out of the nest and some of the waders are starting to feed up in the lakes around the site. It’s that point where anything could turn up!

The Meadow Pipits and Skylarks have been working hard, often producing three broods per year. Whilst working the other day we found a recently fledged Meadow Pipit bouncing around. The nice end to the summer has hopefully made up for the dreary start and they’ll make it through.

There has been plenty of Blacktailed Godwits roosting on the stream during high tides. They’re easily viewed from the visitor center and there has been a few Green Sandpipers occasionally seen here. They tend to spend most of their time on the scrape in the main marsh but will fly in and out, especially when the Marsh harrier flushes them.

Thankfully the stream and the lake have now returned to normal levels, with a new set of shiny tidal flaps on the outlet that let water out but not back in.This will pay off over the coming months as the waders accumulate here to roost.



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