Lunchtime Chiff & Other Niceties (Thursday Notes)

Yesterday the Beechcroft team joined us down at Farlington and we managed to finish off the fencing near the cycletrack entrance. It took us the best part of a morning to make it look proper smart so we rewarded ourselves with a sunny lunch-break sitting outside the reserve hut with the March solar rays beating down. It was really rather pleasant and to make it even better a Chiffchaff came and joined us, bellowing out its song from a Hawthorn behind the hut. It wasn’t bothered by us at all and we managed to get great views of it.



With sandwiches consumed and a good amount of sunshine absorbed, we spent the afternoon going around the reserve ticking off a selection of odd jobs. After we had finished up and packed the tools away I stayed on and went for a walk around the seawall talking with visitors and seeing if we had any new feathered arrivals on the reserve.

I was hopeful for a Wheatear, Sandwich tern or a Sandpiper but alas my luck wasn’t in. There were plenty of other niceties though. A lone Bearded tit (what looked most probably like a female) skimmed along the reedbed pinging as it went. The usual fine selection of waterfowl (Shoveler, Shelduck, Wigeon, Teal and Pintail) were still on the deeps area. Although it certainly looked like there were now fewer Wigeon on the reserve. The Brent were still present all over the reserve but in distinct tight groups, no doubt waiting for the ‘leader’ to say “right lets go!”. Lapwing are now throwing themselves around the skies busy setting up territories and showing off.

Distant Lapwing

Distant Lapwing

Looking out from the point a Seal was hauled out on the mudflats to the South. Unfortunately the Short-eared owl (last seen on the 13th) did not make an appearance in its usual area of the point field, so I carried on walking making sure I paid special attention to the Willow Pool, keeping an eye out for Wheatears. Try as I might I couldn’t make any tufts of grass on top of anthills into Wheatears so I continued on around the seawall. On the Lake was a Greenshank and a Spotted redshank with a selection of Black-tailed godwits (in the begins of their summer plumage). Also to the right in the reed stubble area were 7 Snipe. 

Black-tailed godwit showing off its part summer plumage

Black-tailed godwit showing off its part summer plumage

Greenshank & Redshank on the lake

Greenshank & Spotted redshank on the lake (blurry digiscope)

Spotted Redshank

Spotted Redshank – Caught a slightly better image with my camera after it moved onto the stream.

Before returning to where I had begun a single Avocet was busy feeding on the stream as the gulls began to come into roost.


2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Chiff & Other Niceties (Thursday Notes)

  1. Hello from Milford on Sea

    I am not familia to the layout of your area of responsibility and interest, could you please forward a diagram or Map details of your area that you refer to

    Many thanks

    Mike Collis

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