Cow Space

To kick the week off we set about tackling a block of scrub, more or less, in the centre of our Hookheath Meadows reserve. The Blackthorn and Willow scrub was creating a pinch point or bottle neck, which means our cattle (who graze the reserve in the summer months) find it tricky to travel from one end of the reserve to the other. So our task for Monday and yesterday was to clear sight lines from one part of the reserve to the other. The Monday Beechcroft team started the job off by clearing areas of Bramble and Wild rose, coppicing over stood Blackthorn and burning up the cut material creating a good hot fire. Yesterday we were joined by the Farlington team. As there was a good sized team we split up into two sub teams working on apposing sides of the stream.





By the end of the day yesterday we had a good clear area leaving Hazel and Blackthorn coppice stools with Alder stands above. Just a touch more to do and the cattle should find it easier to navigate the reserve.

Elsewhere on the reserves it’s been quiet. Down at Farlington on Sunday the highlight was the usual Avocet (32) on the Broom Channel, 4 Goldeneye and 9 Red-breasted merganser both on Russells Lake (again in the harbour, between Bakers Island and Farlington’s Point).


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