Merry Christmas

Well where has the end of November and December gone? Its all been a bit of a blur for us on the reserves. Throughout November we were busy removing the last few grazing animals and getting fully stuck into our scrub management works. December was little different with heads down getting busy with chainsaws, loppers and bowsaws.

Sightings wise its been business as usual; the Short-eared owls have still been very mobile around Farlington although sightings have slowed recently which could indicate a drop off in vole numbers. A Black brant has been seen on numerous times, usually around the area of the hut as it frequents the playing fields beyond the a27. A Spotted redshank is still hanging around the Redshank flock on hightide roosts. A red-throated diver was also spotted in the harbour.

Before we all finished for Christmas we celebrated the past years successes with our volunteer teams. It was a great turn out with over 30 people in attendance. We ate the traditional bonfire cooked jacket potatoes with beanie chilli along with a fantastic selection of bring and share treats – it was quite the banquet!



South East Hants Volunteers & Staff



Merry Christmas from all of the team working across the Solent Reserves. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2016!



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