Beechcroft day out at Blashford Lakes

As the title suggests, yesterday the Beechcroft team, Emma and I had a day out over in the west of the county at Blashford Lakes. Our task was to help Ed (Blashford Assistant reserves officer) with some scrub clearance in the north of the reserve. The Isle of Wight team also joined in making a great sized team and getting a good amount of Willow scrub cleared.

Blashford Willow clearance

Blashford Willow clearance

Today the Farlington team and Emma concentrated on clearing back the seawall in the eastern part of the reserve, where the scrub had started to overgrow covering the majority of the path. I on the other hand spent the afternoon and evening giving a talk about Farlington to the people of Milton.

Langstone Harbour – Highest tides for nearly 18yrs

Before heading over to Portsmouth I did manage a quick walk around the seawall. The tide was incredibly high (5.3m for those interested in specifics) and most of the islands in the harbour were under water. Brent geese were close in to the seawall with a good group wading over North Binness Island and there were 58 on The Deeps.

Golden plover certainly living up to its name.

Golden plover certainly living up to its name.

Other highlights on the marsh today were a White-fronted goose (located in uneven ground making views tricky in the centre of the marsh), Short eared owl (using most of the main marsh), 350+ Curlew roosting on the scrape and 3 Golden plover roosting on the lake with good numbers of Godwit, Redshank and Dunlin.


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