Making Sure Another White Stays Great

Inbetween important emails and telephone calls I headed out onto the reserves to check on our cattle. It was a welcome break from the screen time and a good excuse to take in some nature along the way.

Firstly I popped in to see our British white cattle at Upper Titchfield. The hardy breed of the British white have no problem in grazing rough areas so are fantastic for our needs in conservation.

I then headed on to Farlington to catch up with our grazier who was moving animals around the reserve. Conveniently this timed well with lunch and high tide so I took the opportunity to eat my sandwiches overlooking the lake. The stiff eastern wind tried its best to dampen the experience but there was plenty of waders and ducks on the newly exposed mud to keep me entertained. My first observation was a Spotted redshank actually swimming down near the lake outfall for a short distance. Six Snipe were around the margins – four asleep while two were busy feeding. Fantastic numbers of Dunlin were busy feeding, showing off with mini murmuration before settling. In amongst the Redshank were four roosting Greenshank and beside the Godwits a single feeding Turnstone. 

Snipe & Black-tailed godwit on the lake

Snipe & Black-tailed godwit on the lake


Black-tailed godwit, Dunlin & an active Turnstone

After finishing up lunch I headed up the seawall to look at a few other future jobs. I was greeted by a familiar sound; the gentle gaggle of the Brent goose. Yes they are back! Only in the harbour at the moment but already hundreds strong. They were very mobile but I managed to count around 300. Also on a close shingle island, one of the last remaining areas of dry ground in the harbour, I noticed a group of Dunlin with two Ringed plover. 

Dunlin & two Ringed plover

Dunlin & two Ringed plover


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