Good enough for a Garganey?

Sorry Blog fans there hasn’t been a lot of postings on these pages recently. This has mostly been down to the fact that September is probably our busiest month out on the reserves. We are at that stage when summer is fastly fading, the nights suddenly draw in sooner and become a lot colder and we are busy preparing for winter.

Down at Farlington we have been full steam a head at getting the Deeps ready for the returning waterfowl that particularly like this area. In total the Farlington volunteers and I spent two and a half days cutting the long grassy vegetation around the watersides. Its hoped in creating a trimmed ‘lawn’ it will encourage all the grass eating ducks and geese. Already Ive spotted birds using the area; 51 Wigeon were present yesterday. These numbers will only grow now going into winter with species such as Teal, Shoveler, Wigeon, Pochard, Pintail, Brent geese and maybe the occasional Garganey (can but hope)!

My favourite Farlington winter noise is back - Wigeon on the Deeps.

My favourite Farlington winter noise is back – Wigeon on the Deeps.

Elsewhere on the reserves we are busy moving animals around getting the last of our summer grazing completed before the ground becomes too wet.

Male Stonechat

Male Stonechat

Juvenile Wheatear

Juvenile Wheatear

This afternoon after an explorative couple of hours trying to fix the water level regulator for The Deeps and strimming around the view points, I had time for a quick look out over the Lake and west into the Harbour. I was simply amazed at how many birds were in a feeding frenzy. In amongst the Dunlin on the waters edge were Ringed plover and Turnstone (which I hardly ever see or notice). Coming back onto the mudflats were Grey plover (some males still with their black and white plumage), Godwits, Redshank and a Spotted redshank. There were also 2 Green sandpiper and 2 Greenshank which didn’t spend more than 1 minute in one place looking for the tastiest morsels. Along the way around the seawall I also saw 4 Wheater, 2 Stonechat a Peregrine and amazingly 11 Harbour seals!

Langstone Harbour Seals

Langstone Harbour Seals

Just goes to show even though the tides haven’t quite been right for large numbers of birds on the reserve during the day this week there has still been plenty to see.


3 thoughts on “Good enough for a Garganey?

  1. I absolutely love these blogs I get on email, l love to hear what’s been going on and what’s been spotted, well done to everyone that keeps the marshes so spectacular, top marks all.

  2. Saw Juvenile Cuckoo close up in the Deeps opposite Baker’s island. On posts near the path.This was Thursday 28th, 5pm approx. Robert Bish 

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