Unwinding with a Flapjack

Yesterday evening saw our third annual summer volunteer BBQ celebration held in the beautiful surroundings of Swanwick Lakes. It was well attended by 34 volunteers coming from a mix of five different volunteer groups we have in our region of South East Hampshire. Across these three teams we have a variety of volunteer roles; Education, conservation and cattle lookers. Without these people the Trust could simply not function with the same output. The evening was a chance to say thanks for their committed hard work but also to have a social and share stories. Many tasty foods were enjoyed including lamb from our very own St. Catherines hill nature reserve and enough cake to keep hungry volunteers going for a few months.

BBQ in full swing

BBQ getting into full swing

The people that make it all happen

The people that make it all happen

Today at Farlington was far less hospitable through the heavy rain showers and thunder and lightning. However the hardy Thursday Beechcroft team, revved up from the previous evenings lamb baps and flapjack pieces were ready to do battle with more Thistles on the main marsh – not even the weather could put them off! We made some great progress and between the rain, thunder and thistles we managed to see some good birds. Steve managed to find an Osprey in the harbour, a way off in the drizzly murk. It was sat on a low post on one of the small islands to the south of North Binness, spotted looking out east from the eastern seawall. 2 Juv Little Ringed Plover were on the stream, 3 Wheatear in south marsh, a Whinchat on the fenceline to the south of the lake and several stunning Grey plover and Dunlin in summer plumage were roosting on the lake. Not bad for a grey rainy day!

Stormy Farlington

Stormy Farlington


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