Quiet weed control

Well I must apologise it has been some time since a post has been written on these pages. To be honest its been a combination of me being on holiday for two weeks and there been little of any great interest happening.

From a reserves point of view its a busy time of year, in the thick of our pasture management (lots of weed control and moving cows around). Unfortunately as a result most volunteer days currently have consisted of at least an hour or two of Thistle cutting or Ragwort and Himalayan balsam pulling. This year, like the last, seems to be another bumper year for thistles so there are plenty to keep up us busy and try to keep under control.

As is fairly typical for June and July the bird numbers at Farlington have been few and far between and the reserve feels very quiet indeed. Post breeders are busy keeping a low profile as they moult their feathers and migrants are yet to start returning.  Interesting sightings have been Wood sandpiper (11th July) and Green and Common sandpiper (15th July). The deeps has become a bit of a crèche for juvenile gulls in particular Black-headed and Mediterranean which are in good abundance and make for good sport trying to sort through them. We await with excitement of the first returning migrants.

However its not all quiet the butterflies. They are out in great numbers. Today I was down at Milton locks cutting foot paths and litter picking. I noticed Marbled white, Small skippers (Small and Essex), Gate keeper, Peacock and Small white. Not bad for a postage stamp sized reserve in the middle of Portsmouth.

Milton Locks in the July sunshine

Milton Locks in the July sunshine


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