A Fine Selection

Yesterday I arrived at Farlington fairly early, so with such a fine morning and a little time on my hands before carrying out a butterfly transect I thought I’d have a wander around the sea wall.

I headed from the hut through the bushes, accompanied by calls of Whitethroats and a couple of Sedge warblers, up onto the Sea wall. The tide was just dropping so birds were busy probing the fresh mud for a tasty meal. Looking west into the harbour, towards the Broom channel was a Little tern busy feeding, repetitively hovering and diving. It sat a while on the fresh mud which allowed great views with the scope. I carried on a little further and looked the other way into the marsh; three Reed warblers were fighting over territory in the closest section of reedbed to the view point, noisily calling from the highest reeds.

Common Tern

Common Tern

A lone female Wheatear was present at the Willow pool as was a Green woodpecker randomly hopping its way from fencepost to fencepost, giving its laughter call as it went. Two Common tern fished off the seawall and looking into the harbour I was able to find three Whimbrel. In the channel between the point and Bakers island, 6 Great crested grebe were floating in a small raft.



I returned to the hut to the charismatic pinging of five Bearded tits hopping their way around the reedbed busy hunting for insects for their young.

After a pleasant walk around I got on with my butterfly transects. On the first transect I found the lovely Holly blue and on the second I saw my first Small heath of the year.

A most pleasant way to spend a few hours at Farlington.


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