Hopping into spring

On Tuesday we headed over to the island again to help out on one of their reserves. We split into two teams; one concentrating on clearing gorse and bramble, while the other team cleared willow from a reedbed. Along the way we saw a number of Med gulls and a Seal from the ferry.

On the lookout for interesting marine life.

Today we braved the elements down at Hookheath finishing off this years ‘cutting season’ by coppicing a few more willows in the now named middle meadow. The Beechcroft team endured the persistent rain with happy faces and by the end of the day we had gained a great amount of grassland back from the willow scrub. To round the day off one of the volunteers kindly brought hot cross buns, which were toasted on a stick over the fire. Marsh Tit and Bullfinch were both heard during the day and we spotted 10 or 20 Common frogs spawning in a shallow seasonal puddle near our work site.

Hotcrossed buns

Willow smoked Hot crossed buns

With frogs spawning and primroses bursting from the ground spring is certainly on the way.


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