And Now Time For Something Completely Different

Well its been a busy couple of weeks, spending nearly every day out on the reserves (sorry not much time for blogging). We’ve mostly been in the thick of our tree & scrub clearance works so today was a welcome change, to leave all the chainsaws in the shed and instead take out some planting spades.

Last year we cleared a Laurel hedge from Swanwicks eastern boundary and after treating with herbicide has not grown back. To replace this dense invasive non-native we decided on a good mix of native hedgerow species of local provenance.

Making a start on the new hedgerow

Making a start on the new hedgerow

After collecting the trees yesterday we were keen to get them in the ground so wasted no time in making a start. The Beechcroft team got straight to the task and before we knew it we had half the hedgeline planted before lunch. All our trees were locally sourced from Burntwood Farm near Winchester so all the seed is of local varieties. This is particularly important with so many tree diseases being cultivated in imported tree stocks from far away places. Our hedgerow mix is Hazel, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Buckthorn, Privet, Holly, Spindle, Dogwood and Wayfaring Tree – All native trees to Hampshire and great for the wider environment.

Our hedgerow whip mix

Our hedgerow whip mix

With the news that the rain was coming in at 2pm we shifted up a gear and got the hedge planted up without getting too wet. At least we don’t need to water the trees in – the overnight rain should do a great job of getting them off to a flying start.

Steve & the Volunteers proudly standing by the planted hedge.

Steve & the volunteers proudly standing by the newly planted hedge.


One thought on “And Now Time For Something Completely Different

  1. I reckon you all did very well. I for one appreciate the hard work you have to put in to get these places looking as great as they do. Thanks Team ! 😉

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