Making new homes

Today was the usual Farlington Tuesday. The volunteers busily carried out a mixture of jobs across the reserve, ranging from fencing in the point field, finishing the bramble cutting near the block house on the sea wall, and also removing the last old interpretation panel from the lookout by the lake.  Being the BTO’s (British Trust for Ornithology) National Nest Box Week next week we knocked up a couple of boxes. Not too sure of where we are going to put them yet but sure they will make fine homes! There was very little bird activity on the marsh apart from a few skylarks singing, giving promise of longer sun filled days. I also had fantastic views of a pair of Bearded tits right next to the seats overlooking the stream by the building.

Steve, Farlington Vols & some new affordable housing

Steve, Farlington Vols & some new affordable housing

On the way back to HQ, Steve & I dropped into a new site we are grazing with a selection of our cows. The site is a fantastic mix of semi ancient woodland (remnants of the Forest of Bere) and unimproved grassland. Already in residence is a good diversity of farmland birds, from Yellowhammers to Barn Owls.  We are looking for people to looker these cows as soon as possible so if you are interested please get in touch even if its just one day a week, it would help us out a great deal.

Biddenfield Pano with some fine looking beasts.

Biddenfield panorama with some fine looking beasts.


3 thoughts on “Making new homes

  1. Great work, it’s people like you lot that keep the marshes looking great, Very much looking forward to going up the marshes tomorrow, I’m still new to birding but love it, use to go down the marshes as a kid all the time in the 80’s but only the sea wall part and bunker and a bit into the reserve, never even knew it was as big as it is, going to explore tomorrow, keep up the good work 😃

  2. Looks like you still have some of the stalwarts there at Farlington! I miss it still. I hope all is well – regards to you all. Peter H

  3. Thanks for your comments James. Hope you managed to see some good things on your visit.

    Yes Peter. Don’t think the team has changed that much over the year or so you have been gone – a few gone and a few new. Hope all is well with yourself down in the south west.

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