Titchy bit of scrub clearance

Upper Titchfield enclosure

Upper Titchfield enclosure panorama looking West towards the Meon River

On Thursday we teamed up with the Hampshire Council Rangers and their volunteer team on the upper Titchfield. We concentrated on hitting some of the scrubby patches on the inside of the new fenced enclosure. Firstly there was lots of clearing up to do from the summer fence line clearance. Once this was out of the way we could start having a go at the scrubby blocks.

Scrub bashing in action complete with fire

Clearing the last of the leaf litter and cut bramble at the end of the day. New fence line in the background

As with all scrub clearance its a careful balancing game. The Haven is an important site for all sorts of important wildlife, many of which will use scrubby margins. The careful process is to knock back the monoculture of Blackthorn/Bramble scrub, clearing way for species rich grasslands or alternatively leaving thin scrub, creating lots of scrub edge for nesting birds.

10 years of neglect have left Upper Titchfield very scrubbed up with lots of Blackthorn encroaching from the margins and Willow trees springing up from the reed bed. Hopefully a few more hard days work will get this area moving in the right direction.

In other news, earlier in the week we did a spot of bird ringing in the HQ garden and caught this pretty Female Nuthatch and another smart male Firecrest. 

Female Nuthatch

Female Nuthatch

Firecrest   (Photo: Laura Drake)

Male Firecrest (Photo: Laura Drake)


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