Out with the old, in with the new

Well the weather didn’t quite play ball but we still managed to get some good constructive things done at Farlington today. Steve and I were joined by two of the hardy Farlington volunteer team. Our task was to put in the first of our new interpretation boards. We hit the usual problems of digging holes at Farlington; the water table being just a few inches below the surface and the layers of blue clays and shales, but at least we didn’t find any unexploded ordinance……

Old Interpretation boards

Old reedbed Interpretation board

The replacement of our old interpretation has been on the cards for some years now so finally having the new boards in the ground is a milestone. The old had mixed responses and was looking rather outdated and tired so the new style is certainly a much better look. All the stunning artwork has been done by Dan Powell (http://www.powellwildlifeart.com) and features on HWT interpretation around the county.

New reedbed interpretation

New reedbed interpretation installed looking out over the stream

The construction for our interpretation boards is largely reclaimed. The uprights are from old sea defences at South Hayling and pieces of pine 2″x4″ are waste from an Environment Agency job. The only thing we bought is the marine plywood backing and the screws to hold the whole thing together, so in all a pretty cost effective creation.

During the dreary day there wasn’t much wildlife to be seen. A large flock of Lapwing of 90-100 went over midmorning and the occasional Brent and Wigeon dropped in on the stream.


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