Hook Heath in Fast Forward

Be it installing a bench, building a fence or tackling a block of scrub, before and after photos are a great way to record our progress with our practical tasks. However I’ve been wondering if its possible to fabricate something more creative. Over the last few months Ive been wanting to play with time lapse photography. Basically a time lapse is a group of images taken at short intervals to create a video that appears to travel in fast forward. Today, scrub bashing with the Beechcroft team at Hookheath seemed like the perfect time to have a first attempt at something creative.

We were clearing an area of willow scrub which had severely encroached on the wet grassland. It wasn’t easy going, particularly underfoot, but the team made fantastic progress and we could certainly see where we had been at the end of the day.

Before on day 1

Before on day 1

After day 1 (making progress on the willows)

After day 1 (making progress on the willows)

After todays clearance

After todays clearance

Here is my first attempt at a scrub bashing time lapse [best viewed by clicking on the video, following to Youtube and selecting 720p quality]. Its made up of 545 photos taken throughout the day, which were stitched together at 25 frames per second (a standard for high definition motion pictures).  There are certainly a few things I would change about it but cant have it all on a first attempt!

Off to Farlington tomorrow, hopefully to install one of our new interpretation panels. Lets hope this weather sticks around.


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