Find the Stonechat, find the Dartford

I had a few moments free down at Farlington on Friday so I thought I’d dash out with my camera between showers to see if I could get some photos of the Dartford Warbler. My area of exploration was the scrubby bushes along the dividing fence line of the bushes and the lake, where I had seen it on tuesday. Unfortunately it was being allusive and I didn’t even hear its call, let alone get a glimpse. To be honest if it was tucked up under a nice dry tree or bush I wouldn’t have blamed it as it wasn’t a particularly nice day with blustery winds and persistent drizzle. I did however get a few shots of the Stonechat so not all was lost.

Male Stonechat

Male Stonechat


While walking back to the truck along the seawall 80 or so Lapwing came over from a westerly direction. The most I’ve seen grouped together for a long while. The only other thing I saw of any note was a good number of Goldfinch feeding on berries and Teasel.

Goldfinch on the Teasel

Goldfinch on the Teasel


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