Tales from the trap – A French fancy

A contender for one of our most beautiful moths was trapped lastnight in the garden at the HWT headquarters. Its French sounding name is a bit misleading perhaps as it isn’t from France at all but its grand name certainly lives up to its beauty.

Merveille du jour - stripy legs!

Merveille du jour – stripy legs!

The Merveille du Jour is a commonly distributed moth and one that seems to be quite abundant in this part of the county. After catching the Red Data book species, Scarce Merveille du Jour earlier in the year, I was keen to see a ‘standard’ Merveille, which flies at the end of the year.



Amazingly, last night Merveille du Jour was the most abundant species of moth with 6 individuals being lured into the light trap. Other highlights were a Four-spotted footman, 2 Green-brindled crescent, a fresh Feathered thorn and a seasonally late Blood-vein.

Feathered Thorn

Feathered Thorn

With a lowest temperature of 14.1degree C it was an rather warm night with large catch of 37 moths over 18 species.


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