Various jobs and birds

Yesterday was one of those bitty days, busy completing all those odd jobs. We started by checking the cows at Southmoor, secretly hoping for a sight of the Wryneck, but our luck wasn’t in so we counted the cows and left for farlington.

To start it was a lovely calm day down on the marsh and the haze burnt off to some welcome sunshine. All the birds seemed to be taking advantage of the weather, none more so than the Bearded tits. I got great views of them from the path by the hut. 2 males and a female were busy pinging around the reed bed, feeding on seed heads, before taking flight towards the lake. A Cetti’s warbler noisily called from the tree right next to me (near the benches over looking the stream). A Kestrel sat on a fencepost along the track. It was later joined by 4 Whinchats and 3 Stonechats (one of which was ringed) hopping from fencewire to fencewire. 

Ringed Male Stonechat

Ringed Male Stonechat

With the help of the Farlington volunteers we carried out various jobs across the marsh which handily meant we could have lunch overlooking the lake. The tide was quickly approaching high water and the lake was choca with birds. Just before we cracked into our sandwiches a Kingfisher darted across the lake from the reedbed on the right to the left. Then a Grey wagtail dropped on to the shallows. On our way back to the hut we noticed 2 male Bearded tits in the closest reedbed, to the left of the view point at the lake and also 2 Wheatear along the seawall. A Ruff along with Curlew Sand‘ were also spotted on the Stream.

Bearded tit

Bearded tit

It seems the numbers of wildfowl is steadily increasing on the reserve. Pochard, Teal and Wigeon have all started become more numerous. It almost feels like it wont be long till the first returning Brent goose is spotted off the seawall…


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