Surprise from the King

In between cattle checks and office admin work I managed to have a brief walk around Farlington this afternoon. After a quick sandwich I popped up onto the seawall to see if I could get a glimpse of the Osprey. Unfortunately I didn’t see it and neither did anyone else I spoke to – perhaps its continued its migration south. On the way I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of Whinchat. In one sight I saw at least 5 sat on the fence lines and there were lots more across the reserve.

Whinchat on the fenceline

Whinchat on the fenceline

The Kestrel I had seen while topping the hayfield was still lurking, still looking for a quick meal no doubt. It sat on the fenceposts keeping a keen eye on the grassland for any slight movement.



I then headed into the bushes to have a quick look to see if there was interesting on the stream. During a brief chat with a visitor our conversation was broken by a Sparrowhawk shooting along the waters edge, making everything take to the wing including four Curlew Sandpiper. After the dust settled a unmistakable blue flash darted past in the opposite direction. A Kingfisher took up its fishing perch on the far end of the stream, patiently waiting for a  fish to swim on by.

Poor record shot of Kingfisher on the stream.

Poor record shot of Kingfisher on the stream. Squint and you might make out the blue and orange.

If only all half hour walks could be so full of such nice surprises.


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