Dragon fence inspection

On Monday the Beechcroft team cracked on with the construction phase of the fence at Titchfield Haven. The weather was kind and provided great working conditions.

Beginnings of a fence

Beginnings of a fence

The Titchfield volunteer team had been working on site last week and had done a great job in getting 6 (larger) straining posts in place. So all we had to do was string the fence line out, strut the straining posts, get in the (smaller) intermediate posts and strain up the wire. A fiddly job really, but a job the Beechcroft team have no trouble in executing with skill and speed.

Now we are getting somewhere

Now we are getting somewhere

Spending all day in a cutting between reeds and scrub leaves little scope for spotting interesting wildlife however when the sun came out mid-afternoon the place was awash with dragonflies. This Migrant Hawker came to inspect our fence and kindly let me get close to take this photo.

Migrant Hawker

Migrant Hawker


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