Good news! The Environment Agency have completed their works on the seawall 2 weeks ahead of schedule meaning it is now back to its former, pre-storm, glory! All previous Farlington access restrictions around the seawall and the bushes have now been lifted just in time to start seeing the returning wildfowl and waders. The Environment Agency have done a great job resurfacing the seawalls top surface however it is still soft in some areas so might take some time to bed back down properly.




Yesterday the Farlington team  and I started thinking about the returning winter wildfowl. We started to cut the long grass around the deeps predominately for the overwintering ducks but for other birds too. The team made a sterling start while I was busy in the tractor topping areas of grass in the north marsh, getting it into a good condition for the Brents in the next month or so.

Problem water trough

Problem water trough

All was going smoothly until just after lunch when I made a journey past the water trough in the main marsh. The cows had decided the best way to cool off would be to break the ballcock off of the water feed pipe, creating a spectacular fountain and overflowing water trough. Luckily we managed to find some spares in the hut and set to fixing the ballcock and an attempt to make it more ‘cow proof’. They seem to have a fascination with doing this sort of thing to water troughs so Im just keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

This afternoon I was busy checking the cows at Swanwick, Farlington, Southmoor and Hook Heath. Thanks to all those who have contacted me so far about becoming a cattle looker but we could still do with more help so please drop me an email if you could spare an hour or two a week to look in on some cows on our stunning reserves.

Southmoor Cows

Southmoor Cows


2 thoughts on “Open!

  1. Hi, i’m not currently a member of Hants and IOW WT but live in the Purbrook Heath Area and often walk and cycle round the lanes – I could probably help with some lookering, but also I am v concerned about the ever spreading Himalayan Balsam – I pull it out when passing but would be interested in helping out in this area – a big patch is on the path at OS ref 650087 which I imagine then makes it’s way along the watercourses, thanks Kate Small

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