Farlington Seawall Closure


The Environment Agency will be carrying out repairs to the seawall at Farlington. There are two jobs to do both caused by the extreme winter weather: filling the large hole in the wall itself, at the southern tip of the seawall; resurfacing the top of the seawall footpath. The work has been timed for this period because most of the birds have finished nesting and the geese haven’t yet returned.The work is essential to protect the reserve for the future but unfortunately there will be some disruption. Large portions of the seawall will be closed and there are signs on site explaining this. This work is set to last for up to eight weeks, but hopefully it will be finished quicker. ‘You can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs’ as one philosophical visitor said today. Here is a photo of vipers bugloss (taken today from an area that is accessible) to cheer us up.




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