Sunshine & Showers

Bearded tit

Bearded tit – As seen from the track by the building

Well what a difference a few hours can make. Today has been no exception to this rule. To say the weather has been unpredictable and damn right  grumpy at times would be an understatement.

Today we were joined by the Farlington volunteers down on the marsh completing the last sections of fencing in yet another fencing project. The weather started off threatening followed by a morning of heavy rain but this did little to put off this hardy group. While we were straining the wire, someone noticed a fantastic, large caterpillar. We later found out it was a Drinker moth larvae. It probably has one or two more stages (instars) to go before pupating into a moth, emerging in July or August but it was still an impressive size.

Drinker moth Caterpillar

Drinker moth Caterpillar

As we busied ourselves with fencing duties near the sea wall a mix of Terns were busy thinking about lunch. Little, Sandwich and Common terns were all on fishing duties going backwards and forwards along the sea wall on the rising tide. 2 Wheatear were also in the area while Whimbrel and Medgull could frequently be heard.

On walking back to the building for lunch we past the Deeps and spotted the Spoonbill. It was there for a moment before flying off to the scrape behind the reedbed.

In the afternoon sun the reserve seem to come alive. Orange-tips fluttered by while Sedge and Reed warblers chattered from tops of the reeds. Bearded tits seemed to enjoy the calm conditions and were not afraid of allowing themselves close enough for a good photo, coming within a few meters of the main track near the building. 4 were seen at once, busy collecting insects, before flying off and diving within the reedbed.

Sedge warbler

Sedge warbler

Lets just hope the weather holds out long enough for me to carry out my Hookheath butterfly transect tomorrow. Here is a snap from last weeks transect – A female Orange-tip and two Orange-tip eggs on Cuckoo Flower.

Female Orange-tip & 2 Orange-tip eggs on Cuckoo flower

Female Orange-tip & 2 Orange-tip eggs on Cuckoo flower


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