Reserves Round up

Its another busy time on the reserves. Spring is busy under way; birds are singing, flowers are erupting up from the ground and trees are egger to sprout into leaf.

Cobwebs in the mist (Farlington)

Cobwebs in the mist (Farlington)

We’ve been busy down at swanwick lakes installing a new fenceline in the north eastern side of the reserve. Progress has been great and the Beechcroft team have put in a fantastic effort. All the posts are now in; around 170 intermediate posts and 22 straining posts. All that remains now is to strain up the wire, put up the rails and install a gate. So still plenty to keep us busy!! As the sun shone yesterday we were even treated to seeing 3 Common Lizards.

Final post to go in at Swanwick

Final post to go in at Swanwick

Common Lizzard

Common Lizzard

On Tuesday we were joined by the volunteers down at Farlington. It was a tremendously foggy start which soon burnt off to some stunning sunshine. What a great day for checking all our fenclines before the cattle return for their summer grazing. While walking through West Mudlands we were treated to seeing four Snipe. Things are hotting up in the Hayfield – two pairs of Redshank where wondering around together while 3 or 4 male Lapwings were displaying. This is certainly the area to keep an eye on in the next month or so and please do tell us what you see.

Today I was joined by Jim from Blashford Lakes for a health and safety building inspection at Farlington. This in itself isn’t very interesting for these pages however we did find a peacock butterfly chrysalis. Later in the day I went to meet up with Steve at Swanwicks newest pond. The culvert under the NATS fence has blocked which has left a huge amount of water backing up. Today’s task was to experiment with a large borrowed pump to see how much of this water we could shift and inspect the block culvert. The operation is still ongoing.

Peacock Butterfly Chrysalis

Peacock Butterfly Chrysalis

Swanwicks News Lake (The blocked culvert)

Swanwicks Newest Lake (The blocked culvert)



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