The wombles of Farlingtom Marshes

Hopefully we have seen the last of the big tides and stormy weather, so it was deemed the time for a litter pick. A brilliant effort by the volunteers on Tuesday saw us collect around 40 bags of rubbish from off and around the sea wall. It is at the least thought provoking, if not depressing, when it becomes apparent how much rubbish our seas contain. Usually it is a case of out of sight out of mind, but when it washes up on the reserve sea wall for all to see it really brings the problem home. Plastic it would appear is simultaneously one of mankinds finests and worst inventions.

Interesting finds included: bike (one, pink), metal BBQ’s (two), numerous golf tees, shoes (all odd, and interestingly all left feet). One of the most numerous objects were small plastic tubes in a variety of colours, which are the middles of cotton wool buds. Many people still flush them down into the sewage system and they end up in the sea. As plastic takes hundreds or thousands of years to biodegrade, this is a legacy individuals should avoid leaving the planet. 

Recent interesting sighting included three wheatears Farlington (18/3), four crossbills Swanwick (17/3)     


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