Spring is on the way

As we move on into spring we will endeavour to update the blog more frequenly as new birds, butterflies and plants put in appearances as the season progresses. We will also keep posting about the habitat work and improvements that take place on the reserves, usually with the help of our hard-working volunteers.

The brent geese at Farlington are becoming restless, they’ll soon be on their way to Arctic Russia to spend the summer. We bid them farewell, hope they have a good breeding season and look forward to seeing them return in the autumn. But while we may loose the geese along with some waders and wildfowl, they will be replaced by a whole new selection of birds from points further south. It’s not just birds – we look forward to, and anticipate, the first appearances of butterflies, plants and dragonflies that all mark another step towards the wildlife riches of spring and early summer.

This spring so far we have seen both Brimstone (first date 24/2) and comma (7/2) butterflies at Farlington. A spoonbill, although not a typical spring migrant that we might look for, was no doubt on the move because of the season – one was at Farlington (27/2 – 4/3) at least. Chiffchaffs were first heard singing at Farlington (10/3), and at Swanwick (12/3). A red kite at Swanwick (12/3) was unusual, so this was also probably on the move. Star of the show though was an osprey seen flighing over Farlington (4/3) by a couple of lucky observers.     


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