Life in the thicket

Day three on the Milton Locks scrub bashing blitz and its really starting to take shape now. Today Steve and I were joined by the Thursday Beechcroft team and our task was focused on security.

In the summer the timber groynes were being removed from the beaches of Hayling Island and we were lucky enough to get a load of fine pieces of timber. Today we put some of this timber to good use. We used a single pile (the upright post part of the beach groyne) to form a pair of so called ‘dragons teeth’ or bollards. We were worried that removing the scrub from the entrance of the reserve might encourage undesirable motorised traffic so we installed two very heavy bollards, re-dug part of the ditch and started to create a dead hedge.

Entrance after day 3

Entrance after day 3

While we dug a very deep hole for the dragons teeth we were reminded of what the the area could have been in years gone by. Around 3ft down we hit a large band of sand making us wonder if this area were we stood was once tidal. Certainly made for easy digging though.



With the entrance spruced up hopefully we have just another few days at Milton to complete the works next week.


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