Lock it up or loose it

Milton Locks may not be one of our most talked about sites but it is an important site in the Solent reserves suite none the less. Its nestled right in the thick of Portsmouth, in the south western corner of Langstone Harbour. It doesn’t really have any super rare plants or animals (that we’ve found yet) but it is a fantastic resource for our education staff to deliver learning programs to school groups from Portsmouth. Its a fairly rare thing to find actual foreshore in Portsmouth that hasn’t been developed and built on. Its a great area to see the successional process from mudflat to salt marsh to trees.

Milton entrance before & after 2 days work

Milton entrance before & after 2 days work

In recent years Milton Locks has become rather over grown and scrubed over and as a result harder to use as an educational venue. In places people had made impromptu campsites under the trees and the site in general looked un-welcoming. So over the last two days the Beechcroft team and the Farlington team have been getting stuck into cutting alot of this scrub back. While we sat eating lunch on the foreshore Black tailed godwits wizzed by, getting pushed up the mud by the rising tide and Brent geese noisily chattered away as they flew over head. Surprisingly even heard the call of a Cettis warbler in a near by hawthorn tree.

Before & after 2 days work

Before & after 2 days work

Over the next few weeks we hope to bring back some life to the site and help the local people enjoy the site again too.

New Milton Locks mascots?

New Milton Locks mascots?



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