Brimstone, Beardies and a Rainbow Dog

I was at Farlington for a couple of hours yesterday and a very fine day it was too, warm and sunny. We went north of the road to check a few things and saw a male brimstone butterfly, my first for over a month.

December brimstone

December brimstone

After  checking the sluices that gave us so much trouble last month we headed back to the Building where several bearded tit were calling in the reedbed and a marsh harrier was very briefly seen before dropping down behind the reeds.

Looking down at the Stream I counted at least 32 moorhen from the Building, with slightly more to the north than the south, there must be well over fifty on the reserve as a whole. Otherwise the birds were the usual suspects, lots of brent geese, although no sign of the black brant that we could see and the best was a water pipit that flew off calling from the top of North Marsh as we walked by.

As we prepared to leave there was a particularly fine sun dog in the sky to the south-west.

Sun Dog at Farlington

Sun Dog at Farlington


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