Build it up. Tear it down

It’s been a busy few weeks on the reserves. Our scrub clearance works are in full swing and cattle are busy moving from our sites.

Hook Heath cows on the move back to winchester

Hook Heath cows on the move back to winchester

It’s not been a complete trail of destruction though. The Beechcroft and Farlington volunteer teams have been busy creating some great things on our reserves.


The final section of Falrington fencing.

The final section of Farlington fencing.

Down on Farlington one of the last remaining stretches of dodgy fence has been replaced. It’s a massive achievement which was completed in a record time. It took the two teams just 8 days to put in the posts, string up the wire and remove the old fence along the half kilometer stretch. Yesterday we completed the final part of this project by collecting in all the old fencing materials, which included some interesting use of ratchet straps, getting as much wire and posts in the truck as possible.

 The Beechcroft team have been busy at installing two sets of very heavy benches at Swanwick. Moving these large pieces of timber up into the teaching woods was perhaps the hardest part of the puzzle which involved many medieval techniques.

Benches on the move

Benches on the move

  The end result however was some lovely level seats.

Swanwick Benches

Swanwick Benches & part of the Monday Beechcroft Team

In other reserve news we have been busy with our scrub clearing program across a collection of reserves in south Hampshire. Here is Alex (Winchester Volunteer Coordinator) putting his fine culinary skills to good use.    

Alex serving up a mean Pheasant Stew.

Alex serving up a mean Pheasant Stew



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