Not Seeing the Trees

I was in the office attending to paperwork for pretty much the whole day and for much of it I was not unhappy to be there as the rain tipped down outside, but the rain stopped and it is hard to stay in all day. So I had a quick walk down Vicarage Lane and back.

Vicarage Lane

Vicarage Lane

The leave are either falling from the trees or rapidly changing colour now.

leaves changing

leaves changing

I have walked along the lane a good few times and often keep a note of the birds I see and hear, but I realised today that I don’t take much notice of the trees. This fact was brought home when I found that there is a wild service tree at the end of the lane which I had never noticed before. This is quite a scarce tree and usually indicates old woodland, this tree has two stems and is growing on top of the roadside bank at the junction and hangs right out over the road.

wild service tree

wild service tree




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