Late Autumn Sunshine

I know I said I was not going to post again, but I happened to be at Swanwick and Farlington again today so I will anyway!

As often happens when you change jobs there are things that don’t quite get finished and today I was trying to make up for a couple of tasks left undone. First at Swanwick for a couple of hours helping out a contractor with an interpretation project and then at Farlington to sort out security issues with the gates.

The morning was cold but very bright and Swanwick was looking very good indeed.

Centre Lake Swanwick

Centre Lake Swanwick

I also tried a rather different view, this is also the Lake, in fact it is just the Lake, if you see what I mean.

The Lake surface

The Lake surface

It is actually just the surface of the water, the trees and sky are just reflections, the image is also inverted. The sun brought out some dragonflies again and there were at least 4 common darter basking on the dipping platform.

late autumn common darter

late autumn common darter

Then I was off to Farlington. There are good numbers of brent on the fields now and in the top of North Marsh I saw a flock of 980 including one smart black brant, unfortunately my camera refused to focus on it properly so my best  picture is very poor indeed, but I am going to post it anyway!

a bad picture of a black brant

a bad picture of a black brant

Also at Farlington I saw another common darter and a water pipit.


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