Fungi and Footmen

I know I am now officially elsewhere but I thought I would do a post anyway. It has been an especially good autumn for fungi and when I arrived at Beechcroft I found a splendid shaggy inkcap growing through the tarmac in the car park.

shaggy inkcap growing through tarmac

shaggy inkcap growing through tarmac

The same mild weather has also been good for moths of late and in all last week I caught 3 Clifden nonpareil and 4 four- spotted footman, I have posted a “Big blue” before so here is a footman.

four-spotted footman

four-spotted footman

As well as an influx of Clifden nonpareil, this autumn has seen unusual number of yellow-browed warblers in the country and I was lucky enough to see one at Testwood during the lunch break at the staff meeting. Both species come in from the east, although the warblers from rather further than the moths!

Over the weekend I got out in the New Forest and the fungi were the major feature of every site I visited, here are a few of the better looking ones.

Amanita muscaria - fly agaric

Amanita muscariafly agaric

Another Amanita species is the panther cap, with rather duller red cap.

Amanita pantherina

Amanita pantherina

On a dead beech tree we came across a lot of porcelain fungus, I especially liked the way the light sparkled on the cap of this one..

porcelain fungus (Oudemansiella mucide)

porcelain fungus Oudemansiella mucide

At the base of the same tree there were lots of very small, brightly coloured fungi, I am not entirely sure of their identity but have had a go at naming them after a long look through the book, actually the same should be said of all my fungus identifications, I am not just no expert, I really have very little idea about them, but they are very fine and I wish I knew more.

Hygrocybe turunda (maybe)

Hygrocybe turunda (maybe)

Lastly another inkcap species, but this a very small one growing on pony dung.

Coprinopsis nivea

Coprinopsis nivea


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