Boardwalk & Crumble

Yesterday the Beechcroft Team and I were down at Farlington finishing off the boardwalk. As Bob previously said we so nearly finished with only the lack of nails standing in our way. As the rain started to come in late afternoon we were just two boards from the end.  It wasnt the easiest of boardwalks with two turns, which involved some careful spacing of the boards to get around the turns. A skillful process that is no worry for the Beechcroft team!  

The team busy board spacing & nailing away.

Beechcroft Team busy board spacing & nailing away.

A fine days work

A fine days work

There was even time to gather together some tasty autumnal treats – blackberries! After the scorching summer the reserve is awash with fruiting hawthorn trees, rose hips and brambles. The blackberries added to the apples from my garden combined  into a incredibly tasty crumble for last nights dessert.

Blackberry & Apple Crumble



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