Co-op Volunteering and a Lizard Curtailed

On Friday we were once again at Farlington for a corporate working party with the Co-op. the forecast was not good with rain promised from late morning, but we prepared for the task, building a boardwalk and waited for our helpers. The turn-out was not quite as we had hoped, but there is always an up-side, in this case it meant there was a generous supply of food for lunch, arguably too generous, if that is possible.

Co-op volunteer and Rob building the boardwalk

Co-op volunteer and Rob building the boardwalk

It started to rain at about 11:00 and we prepared to get soaked, but then it cleared and the sun even came out briefly. As we worked we saw common darter and migrant hawker dragonflies and even a few butterflies and progress was good.

Phase 1 complete

Phase 1 complete

We did well and by the end had five sections ready to receive the boards, which will be done on Monday. It may not look it but getting to the stage above is the greater part of the job, getting the runners level and all the spacing correct takes a fair bit of work, putting the boards on finishes the job but is mostly just hard work nailing.

The sun also brought out other creatures too, when Rob went back to the truck to get some extra materials he spotted several common lizard on the stacked timber. They were all young ones, a good sign of a healthy population I hope. When we left they were still there and I managed to get a picture of one, it has already had a run in with a predator and shed the end of its tail, which is why it ends in stump. This is a defence mechanism, they can drop the end of the tail, which continues to wriggle and occupy the predator whilst the lizard makes an escape, although it leaves the lizard a little short until it grows back.

common lizard

common lizard




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